About Us

Today’s society has become increasingly obsessed with labelling people and putting them under different tags; sort of like organizing in a lawyers office. There are a lot of social stigmas, pressures and scorns at someone who doesn’t fit the so called ‘norm’. This leads to a society which excludes one another on differences rather than be inclusive on similarities.


Untitled ,founded by a group of 3 school friends, provides people a way to express themselves as well as tackle the conservatives and allow people to be who they want while at the same time create cool products which resonate well with the millennial generation. We believe everyone should have a blank canvas and not be confined by the tags their close ones or we as a society try to impose on them. Who says you can’t be a doctor in the day and DJ by night? Or who says live-ins are against our culture? We are all for gender- equality, LGBTQ rights, tackling Stereotypes, women empowerment, protecting our planet and challenging whatever or whoever stands in our way of being able  to express ourselves.


We are cool, rebellious, and open minded. We are Untitled.