We as a society have become increasingly obsessed with labelling people, with putting them under different tags. Those who don’t fit the so called ‘norm’ are subject to stigmas, pressures and stereotypes in an almost oppressive manner. This leads us to a society which excludes one on differences rather than include one on similarities.

UNTITLED, was founded by a group of 3 friends, to provide people a way to express themselves and tackle the conservatives and conformists around them. We want to allow people to be who they want to be.

We are building a future where everyone can wear their true identity on their sleeve. No more conforming, no more hiding. Who says you can’t be a doctor in the day and a DJ by night? 

We want to help people challenge their societal roles and be a little more individualistic with every product they own. We channelize this idea in the form of products which resonate well with the millennial generation and show our discontent with the current social setting. We believe everyone should have a blank canvas and not be confined by the tags we as a society try to impose on them.

And that’s just the start. 

We stand with you and your opinions. We believe in live and let live. We believe in being comfortable in your own skin.

We are rebellious, open minded and well sometimes we just don't give a f**k and do random shit.

We are Untitled.